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Discovery of Proto-Elamite Seal Impressions in western Iran

More than a thousand Proto-Elamite seal impressions were recovered in a recent rescue excavation at ...

A Bronze Age graveyard in Mazandaran

A team of Iranian archaeologists led by M. R. Khalatbari resumed the excavation of a large graveyard...

Archaeological excavations at Arg-e Nāderi, Khorasan

The second season of archaeological excavations at the site of Arg-e Nāderi, near Shirvan, was carr...

About the Gazetteer

The Archaeological Gazetteer of Iran is a free-access, web-based encyclopedia of archaeological sites, places, and monuments in the Iranian World. The Gazetteer covers sites ranging in date from the Lower Palaeolithic period to the fourteenth century. The Gazetteer’s entries are structured and include name, location, and geographical coordinates, history and description, archaeological exploration, maps, illustrations, and a bibliography. There is no limit for the length of entries or illustrations; their content depends on the volume of archaeological data for each site.

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